The summer has all but withered away, which always seems to happen in August in Texas.  The Alamo IFT governance year also ends in August, and with that, officers and volunteers have been busy at the task of planning and coordinating events for the upcoming year.  We thank those that have been involved with our local group this past year, and who continue to serve.  We also welcome those that are new and/or those that would like to be a part of the Alamo IFT organization, in helping to bring all the benefits of IFT locally to the Alamo Region, which encompasses San Antonio, Austin, Houston and the Rio Grand Valley.  The events are already adding up, and I invite and encourage you to contact me or one of the other officers to learn more or find out how you may be able to get plugged in.

National IFT continues to deliver interesting, relevant content, and just this week I received (as I hope many of you did  as well) a note from the president  that stated  “as part of our ongoing strategic planning efforts, IFT announced the implementation of four essential promises that reinforce the organization’s commitment to all of you — our community of members, volunteers, and partners.

          Created by a volunteer group of IFT member leaders and adopted by the IFT Board of Directors, these promises focus on individual professional development, facilitating productive networks for our members, supporting and sharing scientific innovation, and advocating on issues that are important to IFT’s members.  “

We at the Alamo IFT make the same pledge to the members here, and we are excited about the coming year, and all of the possibilities it brings.

Please be on the lookout for upcoming events, and check out the calendar of events and note the dates listed.  Speakers and presentation information will be published soon.  Also you may access all the current events at our LinkedIn group, and we invite you to join at:  Alamo IFT LinkedIn group.



Lex Hander