Membership Referral

No one is better qualified to spread the word about the benefits of the Alamo Section membership and IFT membership than you, a dedicated member.

Do you know a friend or colleague that would benefit from increasing their networking opportunities, expanding their knowledge, or advancing their career? If so, refer a new member to The Alamo Section and IFT. By growing membership, you are creating a stronger community of peers with whom you can collaborate, network, and problem solve.  Plus, recruiting new members couldn’t be easier! has all the copy you will need to forward on to your friends and colleagues.  Click on “Referral Program” under the “Membership” tab and you will find the “Tips and Tools” page which house the invitation and follow up letters.

Visit today and begin earning your rewards and growing your IFT community!  For Additional Information you may also contact Alamo IFT Membership Chair, Karla Siska at