You may not know it but Bruce has been the top collector of donations for the IFT Student Association Fun Run every year at the AMFE.  And now he is running 250K in Chile, South America.  All donations will go to the IFT Student Association for student scholarships.  He is attempting to collect $100,000 for student scholarships.  Please consider donating,  you may donate at the gofundme.  Also stay tuned for updates on Bruce in the coming months, in the Food Technology publication, and at the annual meeting this summer.

What is the 250Km Run?

It’s a desert run in Chile.  250KM run  in 7 days.  Find more information about the run here.  Find Bruce’s blog on preparing for the race here. 

What’s the goal?

To gather funds that are used to fund Feeding Tomorrow Student Scholarship programs.  $100,000 in student scholarship funds is the goal.

How easy can it be?

If everyone in IFT set aside just $5 a year, there would be approximately $70,000 for students.  IFT has 17,000 or so members.  If just 10,000 of them contribute just $10, that’s $100,000 total and that can go a long way to helping deserving students better afford their education.