Executive Committee

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Executive Committee

Past Chair: Lex Hander
ADM/Matsutani, LLC.-Matsutani America. Inc.
Phone: 972.839.1413
Email: lhander@matsutani.com

Chair: Brittany Chumchal
Food Safety Net Services
Phone: 210.372.5102
Email: Brittany.Chumchal@fsns.com


Treasurer: Eric Caballero
AFCO, Inc.
Phone: 210.381.9681
Email: ericcaballero@afco.net

Marketing Officer: Cindy Toscano
RolyPoly Cookies
Phone: 210.286.8291
Email: Toscano@rolypolycookies.com

Membership: Annette Starkweather
FaceKey Corp.
Phone: 210.826.8811
Email: Astarkweather@facekey.com

Employment Chair: Brian Schupe
H.E.B. Grocery

Golf Outing Chair: Scott McCormick
C.H. Guenther and Son
Phone: 210.351.6261
Email: info@alamoift.org; smccormick@chg.com

Social Chair:  OPEN POSITION

Monthly Meeting Chair: OPEN POSITION

New Professionals Group Chair

Taylor Buckelew
C.H. Guenther and Son
2201 Broadway; San Antonio, TX 78215
210.351.6341; ttoti@chg.com

New Professionals Co-Chair: OPEN POSITION

Student Representatives: OPEN POSITION

Members at Large

Fred Reimers
Creative Food Safe Solutions
Email: creativefoodsafesolutions@yahoo.com

Michele Perchonok, Ph.D.
HRP Program Science Management Office Manager
NASA/ JSC,  Houston, TX
Phone: 281.483.7632
Email: michele.h.perchonok@nasa.gov

Anthony Wilke
Phone: 210.410.2339
Email: awilke@nalco.com

Bert Casey
Casey Ingredients
Phone: 210.545.5456
Email: bcasey@caseying.com

Vickie Kloeris
Manager International Space Station Food System
NASA/ JSC,  Houston, TX
Phone: 281.483.3634
Email: vickie.l.kloeris@nasa.gov

Marty Koss
Strategic Foods Group
8000 IH 10 West, Suite 600; San Antonio, TX 78230
Phone: 210.366.8070
Email: mkoss@strategicfoodsgroup.com

Scholarship Chair

Emily Jurica
C.H. Guenther and Son
2201 Broadway; San Antonio, TX 78215
210.351.6341; ejurica@chg.com

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Employment Chair




Volunteer Coordinator




New Professionals Group Co-Chair